We offer seasonal “Kyo-Kaiseki” with different menu items for each season of the year.

kaiseki-autumn/ Kyoto Ryokan Shoei
kaiseki-summer/ Kyoto Ryokan Shoei


Restaurant “Nishikikoji” and “Hanaguruma”


nishikikoji-entrance/ Kyoto Ryokan ShoeiEntrance

nishikikoji-corridor/ Kyoto Ryokan ShoeiCorridor

nishikikoji-room/ Kyoto Ryokan ShoeiServed in a private room


花車 食事処1 / 京都 旅館 松栄
花車 食事処2 / 京都 旅館 松栄

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Menu of the restaurant “Hanaguruma”

A wide selection of dishes from obento (boxed meals) to Japanese nabe (stews to be cooked at the table) for banquets and gatherings. Other dishes include “otsukuri” or raw fish and an assortment of a la carte dishes.


誠膳 / 京都 旅館 松栄

Set meal

Makoto-Zen 3,300 yen
Mibu Bento 2,300 yen
Arrangements of tempura and otsukuri 2,000 yen
Simmered Sea Bream Head and Skin-on Meat-Zen 2,300 yen
Yudofu-Zen 2,300 yen
Western-style obento 2,200 yen
A set menu of steak 1,900 yen
“ Tayu” nabe in a miso base 3,000 yen
Syabu-syabu 3,000 yen
Tax included


湯豆腐膳 / 京都 旅館 松栄

A-la-carte dishes

Fried chicken 600 yen
Assortment of tempura 600 yen
Assortment of otsukuri (small) 900 yen
Assortment of otsukuri (large) 1,800 yen
Assortment of otsukuri (flawer) 3,500 yen
Tax included

花車 食事処 / 京都 旅館 松栄Restaurant “Hanaguruma”

Open 11:00-15:00(Last order 14:00)
Open 17:00-22:00(Last order 21:00)

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